Stephen's Karate And Kickboxing Center Reviews

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

Amazing karate studio with the best teacher. My son is 4 and has been taking lessons with Barry the owner. He is so great with him and has really taught him a lot. We love going here and highly recommend!

Kelly Nitzky Hollander

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

My two son's and I took Karate and Boxing lessons for a long time. Barry Stephen's is an excellent trainer and motivator. He is the best that I have ever seen.

Charlie Harris

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

One of a kind. Natural ability working with kids. Makes fun and interesting mind and body connection. My 8 year old twins love Mr.Stephen's place. Excellent experience and good start in life!!!!! Thank you

Natasha Michaels

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

It's exactly what you're looking for to help relieve stress and get in shape. You also couldn't be surrounded by any better people.

Ginette M. Javier

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

Barry is awesome and so is Ron who does Sunday boxing. In two months my arms have gotten really defined and great looking. And my cardio is amazing. :)

Lauren Lawrence

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

Best place for confidence and getting in shape. Will always go back

Gage Stricker

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

Great guy. Great classes. Great experiences. My kids have been going here for 11 years and it has benefited them tremendously.

Susan Ostrow Kruse

Kids Martial Arts Boca Raton

My son went here for many years; helped with coordination and self-esteem.

Jeannine Stricker

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